Habilead Tires

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      Buy Genuine Habilead Tires in UAE

      At etires.ae we have the best online offers for tires and wheels. Looking to find the right tyres for your vehicle? You can now compare prices on our vast Habilead Tyres range and enjoy free services with every purchase. Since we deal directly with the manufacturers, the prices we offer are market competitive and without any hidden charges. You can trust etires.ae professional team to make any recommendations necessary, so book an appointment now.

      Search Etires.ae Dubai Inventory for all Your Tire Needs

      We strive to make searching, buying, and fitting process simple and hassle-free for our valued customers. We ensure timely delivery of tyres anywhere in the UAE, whether you’re located in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Aain, or Ras al Khaima. Habilead tires have become a common and popular choice among the Dubai vehicle owners. Focusing on quality and green car tyres, the brand is ideal for all road conditions.

      Habilead Passenger Tyres

      Designed using quality materials, Habilead Tires have been engineered keeping in mind a high-end tire structure to guarantee solid road grip and comfortable driving. The brand offers a diverse range that’s suitable for small passenger cars, utility vehicles, and heavy vehicles.

      SPORTMAX S2000

      Summer UHP tyre, drivers seeking ultra-high performance from their luxury cars should explore this option. It provides good road handling and grip on both wet and dry conditions. Having an excellent high-speed ability, the SPORTMAX S2000 allows reduced rolling resistance and its silica compound provides solid road grip.


      SUV owners driving in the city can enjoy superior high-speed performance, reduced noise, and excellent handling with this tyre. The brand comes with stability tread blocks that ensure good and safe braking performance. The sipes are designed in a way to not just provide attractive appearance but also effective heat dissipation.


      An all-season economical tyre, find cheap Habilead tyres for high-cost performance. Its special tread block provides excellent grip and reduced noise. Fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance is achieved through the premium silica compound.

      Habilead Tyres Offering the Best Value for Money

      Etires.ae is a trusted and reliable tyre shop in the UAE, providing quality service to the customers. Consult our expert technicians for all your tire needs as they will guide you in finding the perfect Habilead tire that matches your requirements. For the most comfortable driving experience on Dubai roads, buy now from our vast inventory.