Mickey Thompson Tires

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      Buy Genuine Mickey Thompson Tires in UAE

      At etires.ae, we aim to provide the customers complete information so that they make an informed decision when buying tires online. Expect high-level customer service and satisfaction backed by 100% guarantee on genuine products. Mickey Thompson Tyres have earned international reputation through its innovative tread patterns and tyre compound. Look through our vast inventory and buy your tires now.

      Search Etires.ae Dubai Inventory for all Your Tire Needs

      Etires.ae specializes in selling, fitting, and maintenance of vehicle tyres all over the UAE. Over the years we have strategically expanded our network, positioning outlets and experienced staff in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Aain, and Ras al Khaima. Find the right Mickey Thompson Tires for your vehicle, getting the maximum performance out of it.

      Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tyres

      Designed for SUVs and trucks, enjoy durability, strong off-road grip, and comfortable ride. Ensuring rugged performance, all Mickey Thompson tyres come with manufacturer’s warranty, giving you a peace of mind. Its features include silica-reinforced tread compound that promotes year-round grip and longevity by preventing chips, wear and tear, and cuts.

      Baja ATZP3 All-Terrain Tyres

      Enjoy a quiet, smooth ride that comes with enhanced traction and sidewall protection. The newly designed tread compound gives protection on rough conditions, preventing wear and tear. Multi-draft tread grooves promote long wear and self-cleaning of tread.

      Baja Boss Mud Terrain Tyres

      Extreme conditions, especially driving on mud requires a tough tire. Baja Boss is designed for the harshest road conditions, allowing you to embark on safe adventures. Its asymmetrical tread pattern improves steering and handling, and reduces road noise. The tyres’ tread compound is reinforced with silica that provides resistance against wear and tear, on-road tread wear, and improves braking and wet handling.

      Mickey Thompson Tyres Offering the Best Value for Money

      Etires.ae provides the latest selection of Mickey Thompson tires at the lowest possible prices. Our experienced team works hard to come up with cheap, affordable rates that is also market competitive. Shop with us and enjoy the largest selection of Mickey Thompson as well as other popular brands and value tyres. Buy from our online store and choose to have the tyres delivered at your doorstep or the nearest installer. For customized recommendation and opinion, don’t hesitate to call us.